TANQUE DE AIRE 120 galones - Opcional
120-gallon air receiver tank for BendPak air compressors
Este tanque de aire de 120 galones, es un accesorio opcional e ideal para trabajar con los compresores de aire modelo LS15RS.



    Built by Manchester Tank, this generous 120-gallon optional receiver tank is every bit as tough our TRI-MAX™ tanks. Manchester Tank is the world's premier manufacturer of pressure vessels. Founded in 1946, Manchester Tank produces quality pressure vessels in North America and Australia. Manchester Tank continues to set the standard for quality and reliability by providing unsurpassed value in both mass-market and customized D.O.T. and A.S.M.E. products. When you need all the ready-air you can get, make sure you have this optional 120-gallon tank for your BendPak LS15RS rotary-screw air compressor.

    • 120-gallon capacity
    • Fits the BendPak LS15RS rotary-screw compressor
    • ASME rated tank

    • Tank: 120 gallons / 454 L / vertical tank
    120-gallon air receiver tank for BendPak air compressors
    120-gallon air receiver tank for BendPak air compressors

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