R980X RimGuard™ 24" Swing-Arm Tire Changer
Ranger R980X tire changer

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    The R980X is easy to operate and durable enough to withstand everyday abuse—especially in a busy shop environment. This extremely powerful tire machine accommodates a wide variety wheels, including virtually all OEM configurations, as well as select performance and alloy wheels. The powerful 2-HP energy-efficient electric motor and gear box work systematically at a controlled speed for easy tire removal and installation. Ergonomic controls are sensibly placed to minimize excessive reaching, walking and bending. The result is more jobs completed per day and a large increase in profits. Large storage trays provide ample space for weights, tools and accessories.

    As an added bonus, the reversible direction gives the operator the option to back up in the event of turntable stalling, and the geometric turntable itself is designed for easier bead lubrication and visual inspection of the lower bead. Servicing performance wheels and tires has never been this easy.

    Massive Wheel Clamping Range
    The Ranger R980X provides an expanded external wheel clamping range from 10" up to 23" giving you the ability to work efficiently on a variety of wheel styles and sizes.

    Maximum Power And Control At Every Step
    The R980X tire machine has conveniently-placed foot pedals to give operators precise control at all times. The smooth, effortless power delivery of the 2-HP motor provides multi-speed install performance—even on tires with stubborn beads.

    Powerful Bead Breaker
    Our multi-position sculpted-blade bead breaker loosens even the most stubborn and awkward tires. The stainless steel cylinder bore maintains sealing efficiency and longevity for improved performance and constant power.

    RimGuard™ Technology
    The Ranger R980X Tire Changer features an active multi-position RimGuard clamping system that handles expensive wheels with the greatest care, so there’s minimal to no damage and an incredible boost to efficiency. Active, multi-position RimGuard™ wheel-clamps provide both internal and external clamping with an increased range for greater wheel handling capabilities.

    Wheel Protection Package
    Every Ranger R980X comes equipped with the necessary wheel-protection tools to shield wheels during all demounting and mounting procedures. Bead loosener socks, clamp covers and tool-bar covers offer protection against metal-to-metal contact at all stages of wheel service.

    High Torque, Power-On-Demand, Geometric Turntable
    The high torque turntable output gives operators power-on-demand control for increased protection of wheels and tires during every mounting and dismounting step. Reversible direction gives operators the ability to back up in the event of turntable stall during stubborn bead installation. The geometric turntable provides for easier bead lubrication and visual inspection of the lower bead when servicing high-performance wheels and tires.

    Works at a controlled speed for easy tire removal and installation. Reversible direction gives operators the ability to "back up" in the event of "jam ups". Precise speed gives beads time to relax to reduce the risk of tire damage. The exclusive shape of our geometric tabletop is a "must have" when servicing high performance wheels and tires. It provides for easier bead lubrication and allows operators to make visual inspections of the lower bead during mounting and inflation procedures.

    Powerful Bead Seating & Inflation
    Ranger tire changers feature the renowned TurboBlast™ bead seating system that blasts a powerful air burst between the tire and rim to help seat stubborn beads fast. A durable, non-marring nylon discharge barrel features a contoured tab that locks securely on the edge of the rim for better control during air discharge between the tire and wheel. A welded-steel, eight-gallon surge tank is larger than competitive models for all the inflation power you need, when you need it.

    Manual Swing Arm
    The swing arm assembly features a spring-assisted, easy-to-adjust horizontal tool head with vertical height-adjustment locks.

    All The Extras Come Standard
    We give you an integrated air regulator, water separator, airline lubricator, soap bucket with brush, inflation gauge, alloy steel mounting head and an assortment of mounting head and tool bar plastic covers to protect even the most delicate wheels.

    Designed to Perform and Built to Last
    Super-tough, aluminum-alloy air cylinders, rugged welded steel body, and more make this one of the toughest, most durable and trouble-free machines you will ever own.

    Safe and Easy to Use
    It’s simple: our sensible ergonomic design means easier operation for you and your technicians. We’ve included features such as large anti-slip foot pedal controls; a high-powered bead sealing system; storage trays for weights, tools and accessories; and a tabletop inflation system, all to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible.

    Pistol Inflation Gauge & Air Dump Valve
    Fill tires to perfect spec with this handy inflation gauge and air dump valve.

    Tool Holder & Bucket Storage
    Helps keep your shop tidy and your operation-critical tools close at hand.

    Included Breaker Bar
    A busy tire shop can never have enough breaker bars and it’s surprising how many tire changers don’t come with at least one included.

    Optional Motorcycle Turntable Clamps
    Add a whole extra level of versatility with the optional motorcycle turntable clamping system. Expand your capabilities, clientele and your bottom line.

    Up-Front Controls
    Our sensible ergonomic design means easier operation. Large anti-slip foot pedal controls are positioned within close reach.

    Fully Adjustable Tool Bar
    Easily adjusts for both vertical and horizontal settings. An improved hardened alloy steel mount / demount head allows you to perform all changing functions in the same position.

    • Manual lock tool holder
    • Adjustable turntable clamps
    • Power-on-demand geometric turntable
    • TurboBlast™ bead seating system
    • Inflation gauge with integrated air dump valve
    • Inflation pressure regulator / limiter
    • Water filter
    • Oiler / lubricator
    • Air regulator
    • Breaker bar
    • Large soap / lubricator bucket
    • Brush
    • Rigid fixed tower design
    • Integrated tire inflation with pressure release
    • Large tool tray / bin storage
    • Powerful bead breaker

    • Drive system: electric / air
    • Motor: dual voltage 2 HP / 110 – 220V / 50 – 60 Hz / 1 Ph
    • Air requirement: 140 – 165 psi / 10 – 11 bar
    • Wheel clamping method: 4 Rim-Guard internal / external clamps
    • Table clamping system: dual pneumatic cylinders
    • Bead braking system: dual-setting, pneumatic blade
    • Turntable speed: 6.9 sec
    • Turntable rotation: 360°
    • Internal rim clamping capacity: 11" – 24" / 279 mm – 610 mm
    • External rim clamping capacity: 10" – 23" / 254 mm – 584 mm
    • Turntable tire width mounting capacity: 4.5" – 17.5" / 114 mm – 444 mm
    • Bead breaker tire width demounting capacity: 1" – 14" / 25 mm – 356 mm
    • Maximum tire diameter: 48" / 1,219 mm
    • Shipping weight: 620 lbs. / 282 kg
    Ranger R980X tire changer
    Ranger R980X tire changer
    R980X tire machine soap bucket
    Ranger tire machine tool tray
    R980X tire changer turn table
    R980X turn table with bead breaker arm
    R980X tire changer with air pressure gauge
    Wheel Protection Kit

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    Wheel types: aluminum, alloys, steel
    Drive system: electric / air
    Motor: 2 HP
    Air requirement: 140 – 165 psi
    Clamping method: 4 clamps
    Internal clamping: 11" – 24"
    External clamping: 10" – 23"
    Mount capacity: 4.5" – 17.5"
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