R715 RimGuard™ 21" Capacity Tire Changer
The R715 Standard Tire Changer
The 21" internal capacity R715 tire machine reliably delivers solid results and minimizes the regular hassles associated with tire changing. Perfect for consistent shop use on standard automobile and light truck tires.

    The Ranger R715 is a great performing basic tire changer for entry level tire and wheel service. The R715 tire changer allows you to service most all OEM and specialty tires and wheels up to 21" with convenient up-front foot pedals that give you precise control during all wheel service procedures. The R715 comes standard with a wheel protection kit that includes a durable nylon bead breaker cover, wheel clamp guards, tool head guards and tire tool protector to help prevent metal-to-metal contact and costly wheel damage.

    A high-torque electric turntable drive features increased speed and reversible direction for quicker tire removal and installation.

    High-pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing
    with mirror smooth seamless bore has exceptional flow rates, high abrasion resistance, high burst tolerance and maximum kink resistance.

    Specially engineered drive-belt features convex sidewalls to distribute wear evenly while providing proper belt support for improved service life. Flex-bonded cords and flex-weave covers resist the effects of oil, heat, ozone, weather and aging.

    A maintenance-free gearbox features a large oil and grease reservoir that helps provide efficient heat dissipation and improved lubrication for longer service life. Internal baffles and a constant seating stress flange gasket assure positive, leak-free venting.

    Durable, hardened, alloy-steel RimGuard™ wheel clamps features internal and external multi-teeth jaws with vertical mounting bolts that make replacement fast and simple.

    Up-front controls and sensible ergonomic design provide ease of use and more efficient operation.

    Stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders are designed to reduce machine vibration and provide low-friction long long life operation.

    A hardened alloy steel mount and demount head has a unique equidimensional shape that allows you to perform all changing functions with the tool head in the same position. The micro-smooth tool head surface glides tire beads effortlessly during mounting and demounting procedures to ensure costly tire damage is minimized.

    Important wheel service accessories come standard like a large soap bucket with brush and multi-piece plastic wheel protector kit that includes turntable jaw covers, bead-breaker blade boots and specialized mount / demount head covers to help protect delicate wheels.

    A hardened-steel tire iron and bead lever tool comes standard to assist during all tire mounting and demounting operations.

    A rigid 45mm spring assist hexagonal vertical tool shaft maintains perfect position of the mount-demount tool head during all tire service procedures to reduce the chance of expensive wheels getting damaged.

    A simple to use pistol type tire inflator features a sure-grip clip-on valve chuck enabling hands-free operation.

    • Inflation gauge with integrated air dump valve: standard / pistol type
    • Water filter: standard
    • Oiler / lubricator: standard
    • Air regulator: standard
    • Breaker bar: standard
    • Large soap / lubricator bucket: standard
    • Brush: standard
    • Inflation pressure regulator: standard
    • Motorcycle turntable clamps: optional

    • Drive system type: electric / air
    • Motor: 2 Hp / 110 - 220 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
    • Air requirement: 110 - 175 psi / 8 - 12 bar
    • Wheel clamping method: 4 internal / external clamps
    • Table clamping system: dual pneumatic cylinders
    • Bead breaking system: pneumatic blade
    • Tool holder: manual-lock
    • Tower design: rigid / fixed
    • Bead lifting roller: single / left
    • Internal rim clamping capacity: 12" – 21" / 304 mm - 533 mm
    • External rim clamping capacity: 10" – 18" / 254 mm - 457 mm
    • Turntable tire width capacity mount: 5" – 12" / 127 mm – 305 mm
    • Bead breaker tire width capacity demount: 3" – 11" / 76 mm – 279 mm
    • Maximum tire diameter: 36" /  914 mm
    • Shipping weight: 444 lbs. / 201 kg
    The R715 Standard Tire Changer
    The R715 Standard Tire Changer
    R715 Bead Breaker Blade
    R715 Tire Changer Up-Front Levers
    R715 Tire Changer Drop Center Tool

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    Wheel types: aluminum, alloys, steel
    Drive system: electric / air
    Motor: 2 Hp
    Air requirement: 110 - 175 psi
    Clamping method: 4 clamps
    Internal clamping: 12" – 21"
    External clamping: 10" – 18"
    Mount capacity: 5" – 12"
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