SP-7XLF Elevador estilo Tijera - Capacidad 7.000 libras
Plataforma elevadora de tijera SP-7XLF de BendPak
Esta versión de montaje empotrado de nuestro elevador de tijera de gran altura es ideal para talleres que tienen un espacio limitado pero tienen una gran demanda de rendimiento. La SP-7XLF tiene toda la altura de elevación de un elevador de dos columnas sin las columnas que ocupan un espacio precioso en el taller. Cuenta con una plataforma de elevación de 22 ”x 63”, barra de torsión de compensación, pasadores de pivote endurecidos, cilindros hidráulicos dobles y controles ergonómicos.

    The Full-Rise, Flush-Mount Scissor Lift

    The SP-7XLF is the flush-mount version of our full-rise scissor lift. If your garage has a recessed area of concrete designed to hold flush-mount lifts, you’ll be pleased by how "invisible" this lift is in your garage. When it's collapsed, you’re free to drive over it and work around it without tripping on wires or cables. We’re proud that the collapsed SP-7XLF is extremely low-profile, but if you want to take low to virtually zero, the flush-mount version of this model is the perfect car lift solution for your garage.

    How Should I Cut Concrete for a Flush-Mount Full-Rise Lift?

    Open-center design

    With 68" inches of lifting height and an open center, many mechanics have comfortable standing room to perform oil changes, transmission drops and an infinite number of other undercarriage services.

    No cross member

    The SP-7XLF is installed and mounted flush into your flooring without a cross member. This makes for a true open-center design that provides access to all critical undercarriage areas without requiring operators to stoop or crawl across the floor. Plus, there's less drilling into concrete, because space will only need to be made for the scissor structures—no longer for a cross member. Reinforced steel at the base and along the top of the runways help provide a stable lift that completely eliminates the need for that cross member or additional structural support.

    Large base frame

    The heavy-duty boxed-steel formed base frame increases stability and reduces stress on the overall structure. The elongated base provides a solid foundation for a smoother, perfectly level rise.

    Electric / hydraulic power system

    An electric hydraulic power system is kept in a rugged console box off to the side of the lift, safe from the lifting/lowering of the frames in and out of your flooring. The controls are easy to reach and allow you to keep an eye on your surroundings while lifting and lowering heavy vehicles.

    Dual master hydraulic cylinder

    In order to push the frames out from a flush-mount position quickly and powerfully, the SP-7XLF is fitted with two hydraulic cylinders with flow restrictors to ensure an even lift. The controlled flow is sophisticated enough to prevent the risk of tipping, even if one cylinder loses pressure (due to an unlikely rupture or pinch, for instance). No emergency will result in the up-ending of your vehicle—the car lift would simply descend to the ground evenly on both frames.

    Pneumatic safety locks

    A single convenient operator stand allows you to release the pneumatic safety locks from a safe distance without ever worrying about manually lifting release arms or latches. The locks disengage when the lift lowers and automatically, and multiple locking positions provide operators with more service options. The locks engage or disengage at each position seamlessly with the movement of the scissor lift frames.

    Hardened pivot pins with Zerk fittings

    Zerk grease fittings are self-lubricating and long-lasting, ensuring a smooth rise and descent of the lift platforms at all times.

    Durable, cushioned rubber contact blocks

    Hard rubber blocks set right atop the rubber padding on the lift platforms, safely and securely engaging vehicle pinch rails and OEM frame lift points.

    Detailed installation and maintenance instructions

    An easy-to-read owner's manual offers complete installation instructions and maintenance tips, as well as safety/caution decals that come standard with every lift purchase.

    • Flush-mount
    • 7,000-lb. lifting capacity
    • Pneumatic safety locks
    • Hardened pivot pins with "Zerk" fittings
    • Open-center design
    • Ergonomic controls
    • Dual-cylinder hydraulic design provides extra power
    • Low-profile

    • Planos-Dimensiones.jpg




    • Capacidad de carga: 7,000 lbs. / 3,175 kg
    • Altura Máxima de Elevación: 70” / 1.781 mm
    • Longitud Total: 105.5” / 2.692 mm
    • Ancho Total: 87.5” / 2.218 mm
    • Altura Mínima: 0” / 0 mm
    • Tiempo de Elevación: 45 segundos
    • Motor: 208-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph
    • Peso de envío: 2,489 lbs. / 1.128 kg
    • Dimensiones de envío: 106'' x 27'' x 35'' (2,692 mm x 685 mm x 889 mm)

    Nota: Un suministro de aire (mínimo: 30 psi / 3CFM) es requerido para que los mecanismos de bloqueo de seguridad se desenganchen. Es la exclusiva responsabilidad del usuario finalmente proporcionar, instalar y mantener el suministro de aire.

    *No todos los modelos de elevación BendPak cumplen con las normas prescritas por ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 o ANSI/UL201. Consulte www.autolift.org para los listados completos o contacte BendPak al: contact@bendpak.com
    Plataforma elevadora de tijera SP-7XLF de BendPak
    Plataforma elevadora de tijera SP-7XLF de BendPak

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    Capacidad de carga : 7.000 lbs.
    Altura de elevación: 70"
    Mínima Altura: 0"
    Longitud total: 105.5"
    Ancho total: 87.5"
    Tiempo de elevación: 45 seg.
    Peso de envío: 2.489 lbs.
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